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Xếp hạng: Top 100 trường đại học xuất sắc nhất trên thế giới Các cơ sở: Temple, Glendale, Mesa, Trung tâm Phoenix Chương trình đào tạo: ASU đào tạo cử nhân, thạc sĩ và tiến sĩ các ngành như: Nghệ thuật thể hiện – trình diễn Sinh học, y tế và sức khoẻ Kinh doanh, Quản trị và Kinh tế học Truyền thông và Phương tiện Truyền thông Toán học và Máy điện toán Sư phạm – Giáo dục Ngành kỹ sư và công nghệ Khoa học Vật lý [...]

5 Top tips when applying for a US student Visa

Your journey toward studying in the US begins with your US student visa application. A US student visa is a document that allows a person to live and study in the US, and all foreign students must have one. The student visa application process starts at the US Embassy or Consulate located in your country. Each facility has its own variation on the visa application process and you’ll want to check out the instructions available on the embassy or consulate [...]

How much does it cost to study in the US?

US university fees make a lot of headlines nowadays, usually involving a string of rather daunting five-digit numbers. According to one report, the average cost of studying at a four-year private (non-profit) university in the US is now US$28,500 per year. Of course, that’s only the average. At the top end are universities such as Cornell, which in 2011-12 is charging undergraduate fees of $41,541. Additional budget advice includes $7,800 per year for accommodation, $5,354 for food, $800 for books and [...]

Where big data jobs will be in 2015?

Demand for Computer Systems Analysts with big data expertise increased 89.9% in the last twelve months , and 85.40% for Computer and Information Research Scientists. Demand for Python programming expertise increased 96.9% in big-data related positions in the last twelve months. These and other key insights are from a recent analysis completed of big data hiring trends using WANTED Analytics, the leading provider of data analytics on the workplace. For purposes of this analysis, the term “big data” is comprised of [...]